Brandon Sisco For Santa Ana City Council 2019


Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Results Oriented.

I don't only have concerns, I have solutions, and execution

Brandon Sisco has the skillsets and mentality to tackle issues, and to come up with real out of the box solutions to bring us the success we need! You can find Brandon looking for ways to better his community on a day to day basis, because in the end Brandon Sisco works hard to make Santa Ana a better place to thrive!

About Brandon

Brandon is an intelligent entrepreneur born and raised in the Santa Ana area, Growing up wasn't really the easiest thing, he often fought many challenges that plague our community. Brandon was coding c++ at the age of 13 years old, at 15 assisted the FBI, running wires in attics and being a system administrator at 14, then later at 18 founded Android Genius a local Cellphone repair shop. With various ventures Brandon has decided to take the next step in his life in a world of politics to make his community stronger, and more whole. His aspirations where driven from seeing so many people struggle in their day to day life. He hopes to achieve his goal of city council this year to ensure the success of ward 4 and his community in upcoming years. #BrandonSiscoForSantaAna

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Brandon Doesn't only have concerns, He has solutions, and proven ability to execute them. Concerns & Complaints are important, but without someone like Brandon to listen to them, they can only go so far. Brandon has been a business owner since he was 18 - he has developed multiple businesses, ideas, strategies, and become a self made success. Being a resident of Thorton Park (Ward 4) He has seen some pressing issues that he believes are not being met with the critical solution solving skills needed, which he wants to personally ensure get solved in a reasonable time.
He plans on fixing the following issues:

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